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Is Elephant Poop the Largest Poop in the World?

Free Recipes and Booklets

    Free Booklets

Sacla' recipe booklet
Recipes featuring different products from the Sacla' range.

Sechler's Pickles Recipe Book

Free E-Book ~~ 20 Fresh, Light & Quick Dinners

Play With Food
35 page booklet, activities for parents, care-givers and educators.

Ontario Chicken Lover
Become a member and get their latest recipe book.

FREE Campbellsoup.ca Membership
As a Member you'll be able to: Receive the Campbell's recipe of the week, Save recipes in your own online recipe box, Download/request a copy of Campbell's latest cookbook and more.

Monterey Pasta Company   Free recipe booklet.

Fun Meals for Fussy EatersTip Card
Featuring three great recipes and helpful hints to save you time and unnecessary stress. This tip card offers innovative meal suggestions that are sure to please every picky eater out there.

Gay Lea's   Free Recipe Booklets.


Baby Food Recipes

Fabulous recipes for every meal and occasion. Who said mayo was just for sandwiches?

Ontario Turkey   Free turkey recipes.

Kelloggs rice krispies
Free recipes for a bunch of diffirent squares.

Bodybreak.com   Free Recipes for healthy eating.

Recipe E-Card
Send them a postcard! Address the postcard of your choice, includes special greetings, recipe greeting and a message if you wish, and send it off to a friend.

Motts Clamato   Free recipes to make the perfect ceaser

Natra taste reduced-sugar recipes
Easy and delicious recipes for you to try; yummy main courses, mouth-watering desserts, fruity shakes and smoothies, seasonal salads and much, much more...

Schneider's Gourmet World
Schneider's Recipe's People who sign the guest book will be included in a draw to win a Theatre II Gift Pack. (you are only allowed one entry per draw)

Recipes fromVenison, fish, seasonings & marinades and more. (kool site if you like to cook wild game..)

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